No one wants to find out that their family member has been a victim of sexual abuse. Sadly, sexual abuse remains one of the most prevalent yet underreported offenses nationally.  For instances, over 6,000 Missouri children reported being victims of sexual abuse in 2019, yet it is estimated only 38% of victims even come forward. And children are not the only victims of sexual abuse. Such abuse can occur in a variety of settings where the perpetrator exercises authority over the victim like:

  1. Schools;
  2. Nursing homes;
  3. Hospitals;
  4. Churches; and
  5. Social organizations

Instances of sexual abuse also occur at homes between family members, neighbors, or acquaintances.

Victims of sexual abuse can suffer lifelong physical and emotional trauma. While the State may choose to pursue criminal charges against a perpetrator, the criminal process cannot provide resources to help with the past and future trauma caused by sexual abuse.

Heath Injury Law has advocated for victims of sexual abuse in Missouri and Kansas. We understand the sensitive nature of sexual abuse claims, and we know how to pursue these claims while protecting confidential information for the victim. We also have experience working with law enforcement, social workers, counselors, and psychiatrists to preserve evidence and build the best case to achieve justice for our clients.

Our firm is also experienced in analyzing insurance policies to best identify insurance coverage for sexual abuse claims. This is important because many insurance companies will initially try to deny claims for sexual abuse. Heath Injury Law has successfully worked around these denials to find recourse for victims of sexual abuse.

If you or a loved one has suffered from sexual abuse, then contact the attorneys at Heath Injury Law LLC to learn more about protecting your rights and achieving justice.