At Heath Injury Law LLC, we are experienced in handling injury cases caused by motor vehicle accidents of all types— motorcycle, boat, or car.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured, the aftermath of a car accident can be as traumatic as the accident itself. Who was at fault? Will my insurance pay for my medical bills? How will I cover lost wages? How can I be sure I am receiving all the compensation I am truly owed? The amount of work required to manage a vehicle accident claim can be overwhelming. Even more so if the only way to receive what you are owed entails a lawsuit.

Our experienced accident attorneys can help you:

  • Understand your rights
  • Gather and organize evidence to support your claims
  • Communicate with involved insurance companies
  • Guide you through claims and settlements
  • Hold responsible parties accountable

The key to a successful claim is thorough and timely investigation. After a crash, the faster we can send out an accident reconstructionist and investigator to evaluate the scene and document evidence, the better. We will advise you regarding statutes of limitations that could prevent you from bringing a lawsuit if you wait too long.

As your attorney, we will exhaust all avenues of recovery, including highway defectsproduct liability and other third party claims. In the devastating event of a fatal wreck, we can also pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family of the deceased.

Experience Matters

Heath Injury Law LLC is proud to offer every client the personal service and responsiveness only a small firm can provide, while giving you the experience and resources necessary to maximize compensation. We do not practice “cookie-cutter” litigation. We understand that not all cases are the same:

  • A crash involving a semi-tractor trailer is not just “a bigger car crash”.
  • Cases involving catastrophic or permanent injury require deeper, more aggressive investigation to ensure the injured is cared for for life.
  • When insurance companies deny legitimate claims, we are fully capable of waging large-scale litigation on your behalf to hold insurance companies accountable.
  • Local and state laws affect how each case should be approached. We are experts at law impacting our clients in:
    • Kansas City, Metro area
    • Independence
    • Lees Summit
    • Gladstone
    • Raytown
    • Blue Springs
    • Liberty
    • Grandview
    • Joseph
    • Platte City
    • Warrensburg
    • And the counties of Jackson, Clay, Platte, Cass, Buchanan, and Johnson

If you or a loved one have been injured in a vehicle accident, contact the attorneys at Heath Injury Law LLC to learn more about how we can help protect your rights. Fill out this intake form, or call:  816-931-0048