If you have been seriously injured, the last thing you need is your insurance company working against your best interests. After all, you have paid your insurance company a lot of money. You expect them to fulfill their obligations.

Too often, however, in serious injury cases, the victims hear that their coverage is denied or that the policy won’t cover all the expenses. If you try to handle this yourself or with an inexperienced attorney, no settlement, or a small settlement, might be as far as your claim goes.

We understand that the last thing you want is to be involved in an insurance dispute after a severe injury. But, it might mean the difference between having enough money to pay your bills and make up for lost wages, and not being able to be on the same financial footing you were on before the accident.

You have the right to hold insurance companies to their two fundamental duties:

  • To fight for your rights
  • Compensate you for your loss

Anything less and the injured party is a victim twice over.

Coverage Denial, Bad Faith, and Breach of Contract

Unfortunately, denied insurance claims are becoming more frequent, whether the “stated” reasons are non-coverage or underinsurance. Too often, the insurance companies are acting in bad faith—either the coverage is in effect or an umbrella policy is in place.

At M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney LLC:

  • We understand that insurance companies can and will breach their contracts if they think they can get you to settle for less than your case is worth.
  • We are experienced litigators, willing to bring cases to trial.
  • We have the knowledge and resources to wage large-scale litigation if that is what it takes to hold insurance companies accountable.

As insurance companies have become more and more reluctant to pay valid claims, our practice has grown to include many more areas of insurance company litigation. If your insurance company denies your insurance claim, do not settle for less. Contact the attorneys at M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney LLC to learn more about how we can help protect your rights. Fill out this intake form, or call:  816-931-0048