Many personal injury attorneys treat a tractor trailer crash as a bigger car crash. In reality, not only are the consequences often more devastating than a car crash, a collision with a semi truck is very different, legally.

Proper litigation of an accident involving a commercial semi-tractor trailer requires an attorney who knows the trucking industry, the many regulations that govern it, and how slippery trucking companies try to dodge accountability.

Truck Accidents Are Not Like Car Accidents

Commercial truck drivers are governed by a different set of federal rules than private motorists. It is essential to look for violations of these regulations that may have led to an accident.

Information such as:

  • Log books
  • Maintenance updates
  • Hours of service
  • Hours of training
  • Drug and alcohol tests

…can be invaluable evidence for determining fault and liability. This is why trucking companies are often reluctant to give up this information about their drivers and trucks. Without aggressive legal investigation and support, you run the risk of letting the party who’s at fault decide the terms of your compensation.

We Know The Trucking Companies’ Secrets

As experienced truck accident lawyers, our attorneys know:

  • How the trucking industry works
  • The regulations that govern commercial trucking
  • How the trucking companies will try to use the law to shield themselves from responsibility

We ask the right questions and investigate in the right areas. We help our clients hold commercial drivers and trucking companies accountable when they cut corners and put all drivers on the road at risk.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents Include:

As a small Kansas City law firm, the attorneys at Heath Injury Law LLC know that our clients must come first. We use our experience to fight for the families and victims of commercial truck accidents. We help them get the most compensation available for injuries and death including compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, lost income, and loss of future earning capacity.

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