Murder Victim v. Hotel Owner

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Missouri Hotel SignIn working with our good friend Robert Langdon of Langdon & Emison, we recently settled a wrongful death case for $2,750,000 against a hotel owner. A criminal raped a woman who worked the night shift and promised to return to the hotel. Our woman - the mother of three adult children - was stuck on the night shift and the rapist returned and killed her. Though the owner had a host of information about security problems, including negative reviews by the franchisor of the hotel, the owner never hired a security guard or installed cameras. This was a great result for a broken family that experienced horrific tragedy.

This case required several years of work, 5 experts by the plaintiff and over $100,000 in expenses. After 20 + depositions and a trial date coming up, the defendant’s insurance companies finally decided to get serious. This case shows the importance of working long and hard for a client, not just taking a cheap and early settlement offer.

M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney, LLC/Premise Liability

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