When you have been injured in an accident on a Missouri road, the first thing you should do is seek medical treatment and get on the path to recovery. The second is to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. The earlier we can investigate the accident scene, the better, especially if a highway defect was involved.

There are also strict notification requirements and special laws that come into play when the defendant is a governmental entity such as a department of transportation. Don’t lose your opportunity for compensation by missing these deadlines or going with an inexperienced lawyer who will file your claim incorrectly.

What are Highway Defects?

If the highway department engages in proper maintenance, Missouri’s roads should offer drivers safe passage. Unfortunately, the road itself often presents drivers with hazards, such as:

  • Edge drop off (edge of the road too high)
  • Faulty guardrails
  • Obstructed views
  • Improper road design
  • Missing signs
  • Poorly marked construction zones
  • Inadequate lighting

A highway defect that causes an accident can turn a simple car wreck into large scale litigation, especially if there was catastrophic injury or death.

Experience Counts

While you can sue the department of transportation, it is more likely that the lawsuit will involve a third party—the maker of the guardrail or the subcontractors who actually did the road work, for example. At Heath Injury Law LLC, we know the right questions to ask and the right places to find answers.

Because highway defect cases can be complex and often involve third parties, it is very important that you hire a personal injury attorney with the experience and resources to tackle these cases. As a small firm, we can provide personal service without sacrificing the resources of a larger firm.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a highway defect on a Missouri road, contact the attorneys at Heath Injury Law LLC to learn more about how we can help protect your rights. Fill out this intake form, or call:  816-931-0048