What is a Negligent Security Claim?

When a customer is injured as the result of an assault or other criminal activity while on commercial property, they may be able to seek compensation for negligent security. Negligent security is also sometimes referred to as inadequate security and might include:

  • Being robbed or mugged on the property
  • Being attacked or assaulted on the property
  • Being injured by a fight taking place on the property
  • Being injured by someone wielding a weapon on the property

This is different from Premise liability. Negligent security involves injuries caused by the criminal acts of an unrelated third person that take place on a commercial property. Premise liability, instead, involves injury caused by physical maintenance problems like a slippery hallway or unrepaired stairs.

Bars, restaurants, and hotels and other public places of business have a duty to protect their customers from reasonably foreseeable injuries. If you have been injured by an assault at a business that does not take reasonable precautions such as security systems, security personnel, safety lighting, and employee safety training, then you may be able to make a negligent security claim.

Pursuing a Negligent Security Claim

The attorneys at Heath Injury Law LLC handle cases against bars, restaurants, and hotels where the failure to properly train and supervise staff or the failure to have adequate safety policies leads to the injury of a customer or employee.

Negligent security cases require an attorney that understands the issues presented. For instance:

  • It is important to determine whether the attacker was an employee – like a bouncer at a bar – or an unknown third party.
  • A thorough investigation of past crimes in and around a business is required to illustrate that the potential attack was foreseeable.
  • The business’s written policies and procedures, or the lack thereof, will need to be analyzed in order to determine additional steps that could have been taken to prevent an injury.

The proven track record of Heath Injury Law LLC in negligent security cases illustrates that we know how to navigate the issues and get results. Please contact us if you have been injured while at a bar, restaurant, or hotel by security personnel or a third party. We can review your case and help determine if a claim may exist.

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