Insurance is available for just about every action a person takes. Insurance exists to protect against losses of income, property or bodily injury.  With insurance being sold to cover everything from cars to delays in construction contracts, it is no surprise one of the first questions that goes through any attorney’s mind when a client comes to her with a loss is, “does the other side have insurance?”

insurance claim deniedIn a perfect world, when a loss occurs and an insurance policy has been purchased to cover the loss, then there would be no issue with payments. Unfortunately, disputes often arise when dealing with the complex language found in insurance policies and the uncertainty for insurance companies in how the courts will interpret those polices. Consequently, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny claims arguing the loss simply was not covered. When an insurance company denies a claim, then the only viable option may be to seek recovery in an action against the insurance company.

We’ve created a resource article for practitioners and plaintiffs alike who are seeking claims against an insurance company. The article introduces the various actions against insurance companies and discusses the nuances of each theory.

Read A Practitioner’s Guide to Insurance Coverage Disputes in Missouri now!

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