Wheel Chair Patient v. Wheel Chair Manufacturer

Case Type

Plaintiff was a quadriplegic who worked as a school counselor. While driving down the ramp on his van, the wheelchair tipped forward, dumping plaintiff onto the ground. Because both legs were strapped into the wheelchair, both the tibia and fibula broke in his left and right legs.

Plaintiff suffered numerous hospitalizations, skin breakdown and phantom pain due to the incident. For a period of time he was off work, but ultimately returned to his full time job. Despite not having feeling in his legs, the plaintiff’s body continued to react with frequent nights sweats, elevated temperatures and unexplained neurological issues.

Our firm brought a product liability action against the manufacturer and distributor of the wheel chair. Extensive discovery on the original design drawings, knowledge of Other Similar Incidents (“OSI’s”) and the proper manner to recall a consumer device was commenced. This case settled prior to the depositions of the corporate representatives of the manufacturer.

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