Plaintiff v. Federal Iron LLC: Unsafe Staircase Fracture Injury

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The plaintiff was at a party in the cross roads arts district in Kansas City. While she was attempting to get up from a seated position on the stair case, the handrail came off the wall and the plaintff fell off the stair case. The defendant was the owner of the property. Defendant alleged that plaintiff was comparatively at fault and that the tenant had the contractual obligation to make repairs and to maintain the loft in a safe condition.

Plaintiff fell violently on her right heel, fracturing the bone, also known as a calcaneous fracture. The fracture required surgery, rehabilitation and medical follow up. The plaintiff still experiences considerable pain.

Plaintiff was a student at the time of the accident so there was no lost income. She lacked health insurance so the amount of the bills were $50,984, none of which had been paid.

M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney, LLC/Premise Liability

Kansas City crossroads art district staircase where our client was injured

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