Kansas City Plaintiff versus Defendant Hospital and Doctor

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A family received a $1.45 million settlement after the family alledged the negligence of a doctor and hospital caused permanent brain damage to their infant daughter.

In February of 2009, a 33 year old Sudanese immigrant went to a hospital for labor inducement. Her husband, a taxi cab driver, was also from Sudan. The mother and baby both appeared healthy before labor began. As the labor progressed, nurses and other medical staff members observed that the baby had a non-reassuring heart rate, yet the staff did nothing.

The medical staff continued to administer Pitocin to induce labor. The drug can also cause or worsen uterine ruptures, which is exactly what happened to the mother. The uterine rupture cutoff oxygen to the baby resulting in the baby being born with cerebral palsy. The uterine rupture also deprived the mother of the ability to ever have children again.

Our firm along with co-counsel alleged that an emergency cesarean section should have been performed when the medical staff first became aware of the non-responsive heart rate. The plaintiffs also alleged that the hospital and its staff should have stopped administering Pitocin. The plaintiffs sought damages on behalf of the minor child and the mother. The defendants ultimately agreed to settle the claims for $1.45 million, which will greatly improve the life of the minor child.


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