College Professor Receives Settlement After Being Hit in Crosswalk

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A 69-year-old English professor hit by a car while crossing an intersection near the University of Central Missouri campus in Warrensburg has settled an injury claim against the driver, a college student who blamed the accident on the setting sun.

According to the accident report, two witnesses told Warrensburg police that the profess was looking down just before he was hit by a 2001 Chevy Impala near the intersection of Missouri and Clark streets.

The driver, a 20 year old student, told police that as she was returning to her dorm “the sun blinded me and a man stepped off the curb, but I didn’t see him until he was a few feet away.”

The professor was struck while walking in a marked crosswalk. He suffered a broken leg, cuts to his head and a concussion.

An initial liability claim against the student settled for $25,000. Because this did not fully compensate the injured victim, M. Blake Heath made a demand for underinsured motorist benefits and received an additional $100,000 from his client.

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