Iron Worker Settles Head Injury Claim

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A Bates County traffic accident resulted in a settlement of $98,500 for head injuries to a client of M. Blake Heath.  The injured victim did not have any memory of the accident, and he did not know whether he lost consciousness or not immediately following the accident.  His first memory was not until hours after the collision.

The Aug. 18, 2012, incident occurred when the negligent driver of the other vehicle slid his grain dump truck through a stop sign while attempting to stop on a gravel road. A pickup truck driven by the victim’s nephew struck the other vehicle, propelling the victim into the windshield.

The victim was wearing a seatbelt, but it came undone. The victim suffered injuries to his cervical sprain, had head lacerations and a concussion. He also was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.  Altogether, there were approximately $19,000.00 in medical bills.

Sadly, the victim later experienced emotional, psychological and cognitive problems, including panic attacks severe enough to send him to the emergency room. He was an iron worker and had become forgetful at work which prevented him from holding his previous level of responsibility.

As in all head injury cases, the difficult part was proving damages.  M. Blake Heath obtained statements from friends, family, and co-workers to corroborate the emotional and psychological changes in the victim.  Mr. Heath also had the client evaluated by a neuropsychologist.  Because of the experience of Mr. Heath, the victim was able obtain a settlement of $98,500.00.

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